Weekly Reading 3rd January 2019

For those who are reading this post today, this message is for you. For those who own this deck, whilst I do consult the messages in the guidebook, I also look at the symbols and pictures intuitively to form a message.


This week you will be faced with an internal decision, one that affecting you both in your mind and your heart.  You are being called to face the truth of something, however you are split. Do you trust your mind, or do you trust your heart? Or is it time for you to begin listening to your intuition.  If you are thinking about taking hold of a new idea and running with it, now is the time as the universe is in your favour. When I look deep into this card, I see a bag which is slowly filling with new life, and new ideas. It will soon be ready for you to open the bag, and allow your creativity to flow.


Today is the start of a new beginning, as in the picture there is also a footprint. Are you ready to leave your mark in the world?

Look out for the numbers 111, 1:11, 11:11 or anything with the number 1 in succession. This denotes that the universe has heard you, and you are ready for your new beginning.


If you are ready to change your life, and make a positive impact for 2019 please email me at soulconekt@outlook.com to book your discovery call!


Disclaimer: these readings are for entertainment purposes only, and any guidance taken is at the discretion of the reader. We take no responsibility for the actions taken by our clients.

Feature photo credit to Alphaspirit, 123RF.COM

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